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  Connections Program

The purpose of this program is to welcome new members to the club and to introduce them to other club members and accompany them to club events. Our new members are made up of not only pregnant moms, but also women who are already moms of multiples! We want to be able to reach out to all new members and help them feel welcome and meet other club members. The Connections program is designed to partner new members up with an existing member so that the new member does not feel alone when they are joining the club. For many people, it can be intimidating to join a new club, particularly one with many members like NIMOTM.

There are many ways that a new member is made to feel welcome. Some of the ways are but not limited to:

*inviting a new member to a club dinner and sit together

*inviting a new member to a playgroup, story time or zoo visit

*emailing and/or calling to get to know each other

*meeting for an introductory cup of coffee or soda


This time together will make the new member feel welcome in our club and create new bonds between moms who understand the challenges of birthing and raising multiples. We ask current members who wish to volunteer for a “Connection” to commit to a six month term of welcoming the new member but our hope is that lifelong friendships will be formed.

The Connections Coordinator will do her best to match new moms with club members of similar circumstances. She will look at age of multiples, work status, other children, location and so forth to make the best possible match. We want this to be fun and welcoming and if you feel that your match is not going well, we will make every effort to step in and see what we can do to help.




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